About Me

At the young age of 15, I made a trip to MTV studios in NYC to attend a live taping of TRL for the first time of many. As I took my first steps onto the set, I was amazed how different and small the studio was compared to watching it on TV. I was more intrigued by the way the show operated, compared to those fascinated by the talent. There was the stage manager, someone holding cue cards, the teleprompter, and beaming lights…but I was most interested in the camera and action.  As the taping came to an end, I knew I needed to learn more. I became addicted to traveling to the City to attend any show they would let me attend.


Fast forward to letting my fears and doubts keep me from following my dreams…I attended a community college to study Accounting. After receiving my Associates degree in Business Administration, I told my guidance counselor I was going through a midlife crisis at the age of 19 (dramatic, I know lol). I’m thankful for his guidance that redirected me back to my dreams. I then enrolled at Montclair State University to study Broadcasting with a concentration in Television Production. My experience in the program was challenging but it was fun, exciting, and most of all familiar. I was back in my element. In 2010, I was gifted my first professional camera and began to work on small video projects, such as music videos and short films. By the time I graduated in 2013, I decided to partner up and start a production company.


After a failed partnership, I once again started pushing my dreams to the side and focused more on my position as a front desk supervisor. I still covered events such as weddings and sweet 16’s but I treated it as a hobby versus my passion.




After four years of going back and forth, I finally decided in January of 2017 that I was officially taking the leap and starting my own production company. But this time, I decided to do it alone, so I could be on my own terms. The idea for Perimeter Productions originated in 2012. When I thought of what I wanted to provide for my clients, I came up with the idea of “thinking outside the box.” I made the connection between the measurement of the outer lines of the box being the perimeter and the idea was born.


Perimeter Productions has provided me with a fresh start. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to provide my clients with a pictorial narrative. I know that all my experiences up to this point have helped me build my character and my skills. To see and hear the reactions of my clients when I deliver them content that helps their product or service drive sales or create engagement, I know I made the right step. I am even more inspired by them because they also took the leap to live out their dreams. I want to give a big thank you to all my clients and supporters for providing me with the opportunity to live out our dreams together. If you have not worked with me yet to bring your company to the next level, contact me below.

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